Have I ever tell you how wonderful my supervisors are? They are, they are the best supervisors that one could ever wish for. And I couldn’t help but felt anxious that I’m going to let them down.

Especially of late when everything is moving at a snail pace.

Ironic isn’t it? The more I want something to work, the lower the likelihood of it succeeding. If I am a superstitious person, I would have thought I have been jinxed or had a curse placed on me. No matter how much time and effort I am putting in, I am just not getting everything right as I want it to be.

As a result I may have been putting in considerable amount of time in the lab, and I think my PI is starting to be worried. Yesterday, prior to him leaving the lab, as usual he would say goodbye in general to everyone, but he came to me and told me not to stay in too late.

I nearly cried at his concern.

So I am in search of new motivation today and try to pull myself together and start to be logical at everything again. There’s nothing like knowing that you have good support behind you to get you going again.