A new week, a new task list to tackle, although not all items are new of course. A week in research can really seem repetitive week after week, but that’s the nature of things until it’s submitted as a paper for publication and be accepted into a journal.

  • Analysis of possel for BGP genes
  • Reading : 8 SNP papers and 2 genome papers
  • Preparing research presentation for next week
  • Preparing journal club presentation in a fortnight

Personal life wise, things are going to look a bit dead beat for this week, since I’ve taken it very easy last weekend, what with visitor and all. This week would be to make up for the time lost. But I’m also going to check out this dance class on Thursday evening with my friends. I hope that’ll be good!


I know, not quite a full week for this week’s task list, because I have a visitor at the end of the week. But before that, plenty to do, and hopefully they’ll take my mind off everything unpleasant.

Workwise :

  • Analysis for possel for project BGP
  • Read up the 10 papers on SNP analysis sitting on my desk right now
  • Start writing something for my thesis introduction
  • Update lab website information (or maybe redesign?)

Non-work :

  • Sort out household bills (yes, it’s time again)
  • Clean house before my visitor arrive
  • Grocery shopping so my visitor will not starve
  • Bring old clothes and books to charity shop

Reasonable enough a task list I think. Just need to focus and concentrate, and not to be online much just so I won’t be tempted to check emails a gazillion times a day just in case he writes or to check on his social network sites.

One step at a time, one step at a time.

And oh, it’s time to start running again, because I’m thinking of doing mini marathon again this summer.

Task List : 20-24 Jan 2008

19 January 2008

My work task list is seemingly short at the moment, but entails a lot of work still. Just another 5 day prior to the trip to Paris, and I’m getting somewhat agitated with the apparent efficiency of my script. I think I should look into optimising the performance again.

  • Analysis of BHM data together with additional SNPs typed by our own lab
  • Recode the website for project BHM sliding window analysis
  • Running EC domain analysis on project BGP (new project)

On the personal front though, there are a hundred and one things that require my attention, but my current priorities should be the following…

  • Calculating household bills and get payment from housemates
  • Pay the bills before my holiday
  • Collect my air tickets to Malaysia
  • Clear up my room of papers and books sitting on the floor right now
  • Recharge all my camera batteries
  • Buy birthday present for K whom I’ll be seeing in Paris
  • Buy cookies, fudge, chocolate etc for my friends in Paris
  • Remind landlord re problematic heater in the bathroom

Well, it’s going to be another busy week…