To continue blogging?

31 March 2008

I have been literally up to my eyes with work in the last fortnight, and this looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. And for most part it’s not even anything wonderful to report. Just a whole lot of frustration in trying to get everything analysed correctly and most appropriately.

A lot of my source of exasperation comes from the dataset that had been made available to us, and because this is a collaborative project that several groups are working on, I am obliged to use this set of data.

Unfortunately, for the analyses that I am carrying out, it requires several steps of formatting, which is hampered by the un-uniformity of the data source. It is not easy trying to automated processes when the data comes in several forms, all collectively put together. There isn’t even a pattern of the different forms, and such randomness is really quite a curse.

As a result, I had to put in more hours of manual checks, and this is tiring me out when I have some 13K genes to go through. Urggggh…

I don’t even know if I’ll ever have time to keep up this blog properly, with some quality posts. I also dislike posting too much things just randomly without an ounce of interest to anyone. So should I continue blogging here, or let the blog die?


2 weeks to recharge

2 February 2008

This is it. Barely 12 hours prior to my departure to Malaysia, here I am, sitting in the lab and trying to complete any last minute tasks that I could. Not easy, because I am simply not concentrating very well and I’m still rattling off a whole list of things that I must do before I leave in my head.

But once I leave this evening, it’ll be a complete two weeks break.

In the fortnight, I plan to do as little as possible, and just free my mind from all worries. My PI has been fantastic, telling me to not think about work at all and just get a good clean break.

A few things I planned to do during this period:

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep
  • Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat
  • Clear out my old stuff in our family home
  • Try to get some cooking tips from my grandaunt
  • Get a few massage sessions!
  • Pleasure reading

There’s nothing else I want to do apart from these. Not even mini travelling to some place nearby. I just want to stay home with my family and near my friends.

See you all in two weeks when I return!

I’ve been off-blog

9 January 2008

Well I have been away from this blog for a good month. Just general life catching up with me and with Christmas coming along, December also proved to be one of the most unproductive month ever for me.

No more of that.

The next few months would be crucial, as my thesis dateline looms larger by the day. Just some 295 days to go, it does sound kinda scary. In the mean time, my project is list not even diminishing. Instead my boss came back with a couple of new things to do, so it’s ever increasing by the day, eeek!

I’m not going to overwhelm myself, and further to discussion with my supervisor earlier in the week, I’ll need to sit down and redraw my task plan (I prepared one over the holiday but now it’ll have to be modified) for the year. Or 10 months. Whatever.

Happy New Year everyone 🙂