Unbelievable – seriously!?

14 March 2008

What is it with the culture of lawsuit nowadays that’s completely out of control? There are just people who try to make the most incredulous claims ever, and frankly, had I been the judge, cases like this would be tossed out of the window in no time.

Here’s one of the cases recently brought to court, according to BBC.

An accountant is suing Marks & Spencer for more than £300,000 after claiming he injured himself during a shopping trip by slipping on a grape.

Alexander Martin-Sklan, 55, from Golders Green, north London, tore the tendon in his right leg in the car park of his local branch in June 2004.

He said a piece of fruit found on his shoe after the fall could have been picked up inside the store or car park.

The retail giant is contesting the High Court claim.

Mr Martin-Sklan, who is representing himself, is claiming for lost earnings on top of his general damages, because “loss of confidence” and depression following his injury led to him being unable to recruit new clients and contacts for his business.

He also said the physical effects stopped him from skiing and playing football or tennis.

The hearing is set to last two days.

Were I someone from M&S, I would have told them I’d like to counter-sue him for stealing the grape from our premises, with intention to defraud the system by then launching himself in the air as a slip-and-fall case.

/*Sarcasm starts*/

Maybe it’s time for me to put disclaimer here too that, for anything that you read here, I bear no responsibilities should you choke on your drink when you laugh at the video previously posted, nor would I take on any responsibilities if any of my tips don’t help you in the course of your study and thesis writing. In fact, I am an invisible fairy so nothing I write here can’t be linked back directly to me. Read at your own peril.

/*Sarcasm ends*/

Ah what has the world come to… sigh…


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