Healthy-ish fish and chips

7 March 2008

Fish for Friday.

Forget the battered fish that you normally find. They are soaked in oil/grease, and while I know many who love them for this very criteria, I find it hard to put this past my mouth. Call me a picky eater, but I like my food to not be drenched in fat! Plus, it is really a lot nicer to eat fish with light and thin crunchy skin.
Ingredients (for two):

  • 2 fillets of lemon sole (I love lemon sole but take your pick of white fish)
  • 2 tablespoons of plain flour
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • 2 portions of frozen chips
  • a cup of frozen peas and sweetcorn
  • a small knob of butter

Heat up the oven and put the frozen chips in to grill (see, no frying, no oily chips either) according to the instruction on the back of the package.

Put the flour into a clear sandwich bag, and grind some salt and pepper in. Pat the fillet of fish dry and place into the bag one at a time. Shake so the flour lightly coats over the fillet. Heat up oil in a non-stick pan, and fry the fish. Once cooked, remove from heat and place on some kitchen towel to absorb excess oil.

In the mean time, boil the peas and sweetcorn in a pot. Once done, pour away the water and add a small knob of butter.

Serve fish with chips, the peas and sweetcorn, and a slice of lemon if wished.


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