No go for conference

4 March 2008

The deadline for SMBE 2008 abstract submission was yesterday.

I didn’t make it, nor was I intending to.

Well, more like I was even undecided whether to go or not, that I did not even approach my supervisor to talk about it.

I know, it is important, and good for a scientist, to be attending major conferences. If possible, at least once a year. It is afterall the best place to network and to hear what’s the latest in the research realm of areas close to my heart. Even if journals are good sources for information, after the time lapses for reviews and corrections etc, a lot more other research could have moved forward. Plus, if I want to look for a postdoc position, this would be a great opportunity to suss out possible openings.

However, I could not justify going to a conference without having something that I can present.

My current work in progress is hampered by dataset that is somewhat inaccurately procured by our collaborators, and given the politics of collaborative work, I am not even certain if I could present them.

A second project that involves data produced from our own lab is at the mercy of the sequencing company, and the guy in charge of our job is on 4 weeks holiday with no one to follow up. Pretty unreal, isn’t it? So that is now also on hold. On precious precious time that I can’t afford to waste.

Only 240 days left to my thesis deadline. Tick tock tick tock tick tock…


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