2 weeks to recharge

2 February 2008

This is it. Barely 12 hours prior to my departure to Malaysia, here I am, sitting in the lab and trying to complete any last minute tasks that I could. Not easy, because I am simply not concentrating very well and I’m still rattling off a whole list of things that I must do before I leave in my head.

But once I leave this evening, it’ll be a complete two weeks break.

In the fortnight, I plan to do as little as possible, and just free my mind from all worries. My PI has been fantastic, telling me to not think about work at all and just get a good clean break.

A few things I planned to do during this period:

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep
  • Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat
  • Clear out my old stuff in our family home
  • Try to get some cooking tips from my grandaunt
  • Get a few massage sessions!
  • Pleasure reading

There’s nothing else I want to do apart from these. Not even mini travelling to some place nearby. I just want to stay home with my family and near my friends.

See you all in two weeks when I return!


4 Responses to “2 weeks to recharge”

  1. Chloé said

    sleep and eat? same as paris then! 😉
    see you soooooooooooon
    and have some wonderful hols! 😀

  2. med said

    hehehehe…dont over indulge yah but knowing u…anyway..have a safe trip back home and see ya 😉

  3. Mags said

    Sounds like an excellent holiday to me!

  4. alexalynn said

    hey everyone, i’m back! 🙂

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