Peer-reviewing God’s events

1 February 2008

Wow, peer-reviewed journal of a new level altogether.

James Randerson’s blog entry of God’s journal just goes to show how context of religion can be taken way beyond what I perceive as normal. I mean, no offense, it’s good that one has a religious root to guide his/her personal life, but to try to fit science into the ideas of religion, that’s just so wrong.

But I guess the bunch of people over Answers in Genesis would beg to disagree. Therefore, they’re launching their own version of research journal called Answers Research Journal to “demonstrates the validity of the young-earth model, the global Flood, the non-evolutionary origin of “created kinds,” and other evidences that are consistent with the biblical account of origins.”

In science, we search for an answer to something that we postulate, but we don’t try to fiddle every possible way to make our result conform to religious believes. That’s scientific blasphemy! And by calling their methods as “scientific” this is bound to confuse many and to mislead them into taking these supposed studies seriously, as rightly pointed out by Randerson.

Seriously, someone please stop these loonies…


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