Progresses up and down

30 January 2008

So I had a relatively short week last week to complete a whole lot of tasks, but I did manage it quite well (or so I think anyway). In which case, I also cheated a little as I continued to work on the items while I was in Paris. Not much, just a couple of hours in the morning, to check on my script etc.

It feels good though, to cross out the tasks as I go along.

It was a little bit of a nightmare though, working on the boy’s Macbook with azerty keyboard instead of qwerty AND having to hunt for various keys – it is a Mac afterall, who doesn’t seem to believe to show all the vital keys and I had to search high and low for the combinations to get a tilda, curly bracket etc. Gaaaah…

Now, arriving back after a few days away, somehow the progress from last week seem insignificant again. My boss had just piled on more stuff, after a short discussion with him this morning on all the different projects etc. *gulp*


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