Moleskine delight

29 January 2008

I used to carry around a Filofax with me at all time. Less nowadays though, even if I still use it on a regular basis, as I have my contacts contained within, along with some task lists etc. I have however stopped using Filofax as pages for bouncing off ideas and thoughts.

I have swopped to using Moleskine instead for all my scribbles on the run.

Maybe it’s because it’s light and easy to carry everywhere, especially on days when I use only a small bag and need to limit what I have with me. Particularly if I don’t need my filofax, then it’s best to just leave it at home anyway. It would have been awful if I lose my contacts etc, along with my scribbles. By splitting the two parts into two books, the loss is somewhat minimised.

I use Moleskine with just blank pages on them. No lines, no boxes. It’s great this way because not only I can write in whichever way or orientation as I wish, I can also draw and doodles as I go along. And I jot down all sorts of rubbish in it.

Ideas for work that came suddenly to me.

My thoughts as I mulled over certain events of the moment.

Potential blog entries.

Sketches of thing that I see and liking them on sight.

Notes and reminders to myself.

Calculation of household bills.

Shopping list.

The list is endless. Afterall there is no limit to how I use my Moleskine. It’s a great way to track all the different aspects of my day, no matter how little. It soothes me to put things into words or pictures.

I guess you could say this appeals to the controlling facet of being me…

More importantly, for a graduate student, it lets you see through your own life as you grow up and develop over time,  and to track how you progresses through the course of your study.


4 Responses to “Moleskine delight”

  1. Sheena said

    Ooo – I’ve switched to moleskin too just recently. I love it – and I use it for the same things. Although I use the lined ones. My notes are in there pretty haphazardly still – but it’s wonderful.

  2. alexalynn said

    well, i think that’s how best to use a moleskine 😉

  3. Henrik said

    I carry a pocket moleskine together with my diary everywhere. Funny thing about is I used to be a heavily addicted PDA user. But since it failed me 2 times last year, once an empty battery and the other time something stupid with the software I can’t imagine going back to using it now.

    Moleskine and pocket diary combination just works under all circumstances.

  4. alexalynn said

    henrik, i can just imagine the frustration of electronical item failure!

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