Yael Naim : Too Long

28 January 2008

I have been listening to Yael a lot lately. A lot. Especially today, sitting here by myself, in the boy’s apartment. I’m trying to do some work but my mind strayed from time to time, while this song in particular struck a chord with how I feel.

Not that I understand the song in entirety, given there are parts sung in Hebrew. I wish I do though. A quick google doesn’t bring much luck in locating the lyrics so I guess I need to look for someone who does speak Hebrew for help.

Side note : I do wonder why I am doing this to myself, putting myself in a position where I am emotionally vulnerable. Only where the boy is concerned. Until I find the best way to move on, I’ll try just to cope the best I can.


2 Responses to “Yael Naim : Too Long”

  1. Michal said

    I love that song too! 🙂

    the lyrics in Hebrew:

    “I wanted to grow up with you
    To grow old
    Whatever it takes
    Whatever it gives”

  2. alexalynn said

    thank you very much michal!

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