Are you surprised?

26 January 2008

Finally catching up with some news reading, and apart from more articles about Heath Ledger, the presidential election coverage, the ups and downs of global shares this week, this is what I came across.

Should anyone be surprised at all to read about the amount of lies that Bush and his administration team had made to the public?

I certainly am not.

Regardless how they try to take cover and justify that the information was correct at the time of statements, I couldn’t help by being cynical about the truth behind this. These information are now “intelligence flaws”. I wonder why… perhaps it has something to do with the crazy terrorist-like tactics that they use to extract information? You know, the whole people-will-say-anything-to-escape-torture and hallucinations-following-solitary-confinement theories, among many.

Isn’t it time to learn from the past mistakes instead of repeating it over and over? Urgggh…


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