Are we judging too quickly?

23 January 2008

It is everywhere in the news today – the death of Heath Ledger.

However, without a full story of what is really happening, already unsavoury headlines are popping up. From “Mysterious death of troubled star in his New York apartment” to “Heath Ledger dies battling drugs and depression”. And all these even before the initial autopsy results was announced (which by the way is inconclusive).

I, for one, doesn’t know him personally. What I have known of him through the big screen had been positive impressions, even with his role in Brokeback Mountain. So to be frank, until official reports are out, I am not passing any judgements. Not that it’s mine to pass in the first place.

But I do dislike the way the media circus is circulating articles on how depressed and unbalanced he was, and abusing drugs etc. Seriously how true are these “insider information” from “sources close to his family” and how much among them are plain exaggeration? Or slandering of someone’s character?

The worst of it all is, there are thousands who believe every word written so far and quickly write him off as another unappreciative man who should have seen this coming for dabbling in vile drug habits.

Seriously people, stop.


2 Responses to “Are we judging too quickly?”

  1. In preparing for the role of the Joker in the next Batman, Heath Ledger basically fried his brain. He is one of those method actors and went to such a dark place that he had trouble sleeping. He told interviewers that he had taken two Ambien just to get one hour of sleep.

    So he OD’d on sleeping pills because he was trying to get some sleep. That’s the same reason the masseuse was on the way over…to help him relax more.

  2. med said

    yea that could be the case but i was very surprised by the news too…i seriously doubt he would have OD intentionally…he looks more like a rational person and he has such a bright future in front of him…anyhow…I hope he will rest in peace…

    and to think he might have gotte into this in his effort to give us a better batman movie…hhmmm

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