Truly Amazing Race

22 January 2008

I have been watching The Amazing Race (Season 12) online in the past few weeks, following the steps of the paired contestants from one country to another, from one continent to another.

It fascinates me to learn, no matter how little (afterall, they have to edit the show to fit one hour program each), of the local culture in each destination. It also interests me to see what is one place like from how I perceive them prior to this, and how my opinions may now have been changed.

What is even particularly striking is the human aspect – the interactions between the competitors. Everyone is pretty much each to their own team, fair enough. Afterall this is a competition to win a million dollars! But even within each team, some couples learn they may not know each other as well as they thought they did, some improved their relationship, some deteriorated along the way. Time pressure, tiredness, adrenaline, challenges. All these situations are pretty much under the extreme.

I do wonder though how much “sensationalisation” takes place during editing to make “good television” in terms of viewers rating.

This season’s winners couldn’t have been more deserving. Rachel and TK, pretty much my favourite right from the beginning. They may be newly dating when they took part in the race, but they stay strong as an unit, respecting each other and constantly encouraging one another to race the best they could. Good guys certainly do come first.

Now that this is over, I wonder what shall I do to satisfy my crave for more of the races. Perhaps it’s time to go through some archival footages and watch some of the past seasons?

No. No more. I must concentrate on work!


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