All alone and it’s dark

21 January 2008

A rather interesting experiment carried out by BBC for a documentary – 6 volunteers were shut in a nuclear bunker, all alone and in the dark, without any sort of response from the external environment.

It is fascinating to read how human mind (fail to) cope with such lack of sensory stimuli, and even within what normally perceived as short period of time (a couple of days), every ticking minute that passed by must have felt like an eternity to these subjects.

And I do think this little experiment illustrates, once again, that many of the methods used in breaking someone’s resolved down in terms of tackling terrorism and the such are very questionable. How reliable are the information obtained through extreme conditions of torture, be it physically or mentally?

I know there is no single perfect solution but at what stage will the authority acknowledge that some of their procedures are more damaging than useful, and at which point are they no better than the terrorists, by terrorising them?


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