A walk in the countryside

20 January 2008

Nothing like a good walk in the countryside to take my mind of all stress and worries, and to clear my head a little.

AL and I were at N’s on Friday for a sleepover. A very much welcomed break if you asked me, and convenient too as my script is churning out results at a painful rate at the moment. I am also tired of checking every few minutes just to see the progress crawling along slowly but steadily.

We girls may have stayed up late on Friday for some chit chats, but came Saturday morning, we were all geared for a walk nearby N’s house. It was absolutely beautiful, serene and calm. We were not that far away from the city centre, and yet we are very much with the nature around here. With a beach about 5 minutes walk away, a wood just beyond that, and a path linking the wood to a playground, we joined the dozen or so walkers in basking ourselves with the chirping of birds and the scent of fresh soil and wet wood.

We came back famished after the walk.

At the same time, I felt tension leaving my shoulders, and I was much relaxed for the first time in a fortnight or so. It was very tempting after that to just laze around instead of doing some work. However, on the other hand, having a clearer mind meant I was very much mentally prepared to fire a few neurons and come up with some work solutions.

I told myself that the little walk is a mini reward to myself for now. The big trip is coming up, and so I smiled to myself – I knew that I would be doing some work over the weekend, all without grudge. I should do this more often – taking a walk in the countryside for a couple of hours, just so to rediscover a sense of motivation after getting rid of all troubles that plague me during the course of working periods.


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