Task List : 20-24 Jan 2008

19 January 2008

My work task list is seemingly short at the moment, but entails a lot of work still. Just another 5 day prior to the trip to Paris, and I’m getting somewhat agitated with the apparent efficiency of my script. I think I should look into optimising the performance again.

  • Analysis of BHM data together with additional SNPs typed by our own lab
  • Recode the website for project BHM sliding window analysis
  • Running EC domain analysis on project BGP (new project)

On the personal front though, there are a hundred and one things that require my attention, but my current priorities should be the following…

  • Calculating household bills and get payment from housemates
  • Pay the bills before my holiday
  • Collect my air tickets to Malaysia
  • Clear up my room of papers and books sitting on the floor right now
  • Recharge all my camera batteries
  • Buy birthday present for K whom I’ll be seeing in Paris
  • Buy cookies, fudge, chocolate etc for my friends in Paris
  • Remind landlord re problematic heater in the bathroom

Well, it’s going to be another busy week…


3 Responses to “Task List : 20-24 Jan 2008”

  1. Chloé said

    good thing you reming me of that “present for K” ! 😛
    ((((((((((lil)))))))))) good luck with the busy week!

  2. alexalynn said

    hehehe… i still haven’t find something yet!

  3. […] January 2008 So I had a relatively short week last week to complete a whole lot of tasks, but I did manage it quite well (or so I think anyway). In which case, I also cheated a little as I […]

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