Interesting sort of exhibition

13 January 2008

As I pondered on my possible upcoming trip to Paris, I came across this news article which, I had to admit, piqued my curiosity. An exhibition of over a hundred years of erotica materials in a library?

Of course, it’s not just any ordinary exhibition.

Entitled L’Enfer (meaning Hell – don’t ask me why) the exhibition is supposed to be methodically and academically organised, and despite modern day regular exposure to all things sexually related, this explicit exhibition is not for the faint-hearted nor prudes. Or so according to the news article linked above.

Now, should I go and check it out? It is afterall a rare exhibition of limited time period (3 months only) and aren’t we always searching for something different to expand our horizons? I imagine, after a few prints and paintings, I’ll probably soon come to the conclusion that I’m suffering from “erotic art fatigue”… just like how it was when I was done at the Museum of Erotic Arts near Pigalle.

Maybe it’s just me, with short attention span, I just went “ah, ok, this is it”? Or that I view things with much too critical/ scientific eyes that I strip a lot of emotions away?

The next question is, if I do go, who can I bring with me so that we can have a laugh over this?


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