Silly truck driver

10 January 2008

It has been raining all night and no sign of stopping this morning when I left to come in to the lab. Urggh… I’m never fond of such wintry weather. I can deal with cold but not wet and cold.

Coming to a junction, the light was green for pedestrian and so I stepped out to cross the road, just to have to jump back immediately because a truck driver decided to run the light. And stopped just after the light, as if realising he has just broke a law. Still he did nothing but just drove off again.

Meanwhile, I stood in a puddle of water. My shoes and socks soaked, and my jeans must be like, 6 inches from the hem all drenched. Double urgggh.

Luckily V in the lab has a spare pair of pants that I can borrow to change into while I dried my jeans using the hand dryer in the ladies. My socks too. I also borrowed her sandals while my shoes are (as in, still are right now) stuffed and wrapped with newspaper in attempt to dry them as much as I could.

Miserable, this is. Some half an hour wasted in the ladies.

I need some chocolate and hot drinks…


3 Responses to “Silly truck driver”

  1. med said

    ;)..i dont like rainy weather..give me sunshine everyday

  2. hank said

    Glad nothing untoward happened.

  3. alexalynn said

    med, i would love the sunshine too, trust me 😉

    hank, that’s true – he could have hit me instead of just me stepping into a big puddle… 😮

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