6 December 2007

The little angel on my right shoulder and the little devil on my left shoulder are literally at each other. Bickering. And the poor angel is actually on a losing streak. I’m loving what the little devil is whispering into my ears. Feeding me ideas. Fueling the cheeky streak in me.

Maybe it’s time to break free. Be selfish. Be naughty.

For so long I’ve always taken into considerations of all sort of factors in making decision, normally involving what’s best for everyone. Not that I always make the right decision, just they normally put everyone’s best interest into the equation first before myself. Especially for those whom I care about.

Ah J wouldn’t even know what hit him in the next couple of months, hehehe…

(Sorry I know I’m a bit cryptic but as devilish as I go, I don’t think I could confess everything here, because it’s all very bold, including my telephone conversation with him last weekend. I like being bold and sassy.)


3 Responses to “Angelic/Devilish”

  1. med said

    woohoo…dun be too naughty though..else santa wont give u any pressie yah šŸ˜‰

  2. med said

    oooo…nice change to the page..easier on the eye as well

    anyway..just in case i am not going online for the next couple of days… Merry X’mas girl..have a great time yah!!!! (^o^)

  3. alexalynn said

    med, santa brought chocolates – is that punishment or rewards? both i guess šŸ˜›

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