Party aftermath

5 December 2007

A Christmas party was organised by a committee of student body on behalf of the department last evening, and it went relatively pretty well although I could also be very critical and point out multiple flaws with regard to the event. Afterall, I was in the committee a couple of years ago and we were trying our best to ensure everything ran smoothly.

First comment that I heard was from the chair of the committee from last year. She told me the new crowd approached her literally two days before the event to asked how much food and drinks should they order. OMG! For some reason they have also misplaced various documentations so the past chair literally had to dig up through her stuff to find the details to help them. And guess what, not a word of thank you either.

As the evening went, in general, everyone had fun. But the aftermath? Disaster. The committee left the venue in a complete mess! I mean, alright, they wanted to have some fun too so perhaps they were planning to clean it up first thing the next day. Noooooo. They didn’t even turn up to the department until after noon. One even claimed they didn’t realise they were supposed to clean it (thinking that the cleaners would do that).

Hello? Cleaners are there to help on general cleaning, not minding after a party mess. Had they even chose to clear the place the night before, there would have been plenty of people who could help and it would have been done a lot quicker.

The disgrace was, the young PIs of the committee members were the one cleaning up. That’s like, I don’t know, my boss cleaning up after my party two years ago? Why would young people nowadays be less and less inclined to take responsibilities and try to shove it to someone else?


2 Responses to “Party aftermath”

  1. hank said

    We had Generation X, Y and now Z. Z people are very different.

  2. alexalynn said

    what are z? ungrateful? 🙄

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