Personal Task List

4 December 2007

For a change, I’m jotting my personal task list here instead of work task list. Work task list for now is pretty straight forward – get project BHM to completion. Personal one however, is piling up and I’ll need to get a bit more organised about them.

  • Prepare Christmas shopping list
  • Buy air ticket for going home in February
  • Get an electric toothbrush
  • Book table for lunch with DL in three weeks
  • Organise a dinner for my friends to come over
  • Pack books and give them away
  • Post Christmas cards before it’s too late
  • Send away signed contract for broadband service
  • Start coding for lab’s new website

One at a time, slowly and surely I will get there. But I’m hoping to get all these done within the week if I could. Would be great to decluter and get organised before the Christmas break. I couldn’t affort more time waste in the new year, as the thesis dateline looms.

Ps: my friend TG just told me I am such a control freak 😛


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