Another article to co-author?

1 December 2007

The work on project BHM is coming close to an end, but it is by no mean the signals of total completion. The wealth of data generated means there are a lot more to be done, that could be done. At least for whatever effort that we’ve put in, our names will be among the authors list.

But now, in deciding the next step following the project, there has been calls for companion papers and DL has offered a group contribution from us for that. Which is cool. Potentially another good paper to come out from this work, even if it means I’ll need to put in a little more time at work.

Things are slowly coming along, which I am happy over. I’ve always aimed to get at least 3 publications out prior to completing my thesis, and if I could I would like to have every chapters of the thesis published too. Here’s to the first few little steps towards a productive next few months.


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