Photo Mosaic

30 November 2007

Finally I could put the tens of thousands of digital images sitting in my laptop to good use, all thanks to a friend who introduced me to a photo mosaic software.

I have just started looking at the sample and tutorial, and it seems like a reasonable software to use. But I don’t quite have time to play around with the software itself yet but it’s definitely on the top of my list to check out this weekend, when I have a little down time to myself. Or maybe not. I have so much things planned already.

Going out this evening for BM’s farewell party *sob*. Need to catch up on a couple of journal readings. Catch Heroes Season 2 (yes, I finally finished watching Season 1). Read Harry Potter – in French (a friend has very generously surprised me with the first three tomes). Lunch with my aunts and uncles. Playing squash with my housemates. Gosh that’s a lot planned for the weekend!

In any case, should this photo mosaic software works out well, perhaps then I could make a few Christmas gift with this. Could be very cool, and I think it’ll be something that a few friends would like too.

Have a fabulous weekend ahead.


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