Journal club busy-ness

29 November 2007

Day 2 post-incident and I am holding up surprisingly well. Everything back to nearly normal as far as everyone could tell, bar from a couple of close friends who constantly check on me that I’m alright. I am. Truly. You could even talk to me about your relationship and I won’t burst into tears or anything of that sort.

I’ve been kept busy with my journal club presentation too at the same time. I have picked a great genetics reviews article, of which even my boss thought was a good selection of reading material. Moreover, it’s very much relevant to much of the work that I’ve been doing, so no harm in sharing this with the rest of the members of the lab either.

The downside is I really must gather as much information as I could but present them as concisely as possible to everyone, and I also have to prepare a short presentation for this to discuss the various points. On the upside, I’m practicing presentation skill. Plus, it’s really very informal so we do get to throw about an idea or two along the way.

Oh, another thing that’s keeping me busy and my mind occupied – Scrabulous! I think I am improving (I sure hope so) but I nearly was crippled in one particular game by my friend Ath who very smoothly slammed me with two consecutive bingos! Eeek!


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