Preparing journal club

27 November 2007

It’s my turn, along with VM, to prepare presentations of articles in journal club this week. Woes behold and all, I still couldn’t quite decide which article to present, although it will be along the line of positive selection and evolution. I have 3 candidate articles at hand, so I need to make a decision and start working on it.

Luckily (perhaps) I’m leaving work early today for a dental appointment, and I’ll be going straight home from there. I guess this means I’ll have some good time in the evening to check through these, and get started on the presentation slides.

Sometimes I do wonder though if journal club is taken seriously by everyone. And I also question if the articles of choice will be of interest to everyone in the lab. Afterall, that is the purpose of journal club – to keep up with latest development within relevant field that’s of the lab’s general interest, while practicing presentation skill.

The latter is cool, because I am the proverbial nervous mouse when it comes to giving a presentation. Luckily though, with journal club as well as seminar series, I’ve been given the chance to give a couple of talks just to work on my skill. So far it’s going quite well as training goes. As long as I remember to speak slowly and clearly, and use lots of graphics on the slides instead of paragraphs of words.


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