10 Places of a Lifetime

26 November 2007

There are 10 places compiled by the National Geographic Traveller and I must have live a charmed life. I doubt that I’m at the end of my lifetime just yet but I have been to half of these locations just within the last few years. And totally loving them of course!

Paris : my favourite city among those in the list that I have visited. And I visit it regularly too. It’s virtually my second home away from home. My romance with Paris started nearly a decade ago and this affair doesn’t seem likely to stop anytime soon either. A couple of trips per year is not surprising, occasionally 3-4 times per annum. Top that with the number of friends I have in the city, it’s uncontestable the best city to be.

London : a city of possibilities, with plenty to do and to see. Culturally and historically rich, with plenty of modern touches for fun-loving crowds. Unfortunately, I found London too crowded and I felt suffocated, with tall buildings closing in on me when I walked along its streets. Twice I’ve visited, enjoyed them as I may had, it won’t top my list just yet.

Rome : a city literally soaking with ancient charm of Roman world. Just walk around the Eternal City and you will learn to love every cobblestone of the city. Grab a couple of gelato along the way, or a good hot chocolate on a cold day. Just don’t talk a river tour – it’s not quite like those you get elsewhere, trust me.

Los Angeles : the city of angels, and one that never sleeps (yeah, not Seattle) with the buzzing lifestyle at all time. Smoggy too for a city. Crazy smog, so much so I do wonder how people can remain healthy in the city, inhaling all the fume that is there. But it is the home to Hollywood. To all the glitter and glamour of the showbiz world.

San Francisco : the city that is home to the famous Golden Gate Bridge and wonderful eating places. Tons and tons of chocolate and wine and gourmet food to lay one’s hand on. My trip to ‘Frisco was short and a tad tiring as I did a whole lot of walking, but it was a lot of fun too, with memories that I shall not forget for life.


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