25 November 2007

Is multitasking a good or bad idea?

At home and at leisure, I think it’s great. Say, watching a tv series while surfing the net, replying to friends’ emails, writing a tasklist, catching up blog reads. I can do all these pretty much simultaneously without giving it a second thought.

When it comes to work though, it’s a tad trickier. I find it tough to even read a journal article while waiting for certain scripts to finish running in the background. It’s even tricky to run a same script in parallel for different dataset, for I always have this fear at the back of my mind that I may mix things up and then I’ll be doomed. Results should always be reported as accurately as possible.

So all I can do, for the time being, while waiting for certain things to finish is to review my work flow and document them, and search for relevant reading papers which are then saved and/or printed for later use.

Surely there must be a better way that I can handle a couple more tasks at work, no?


2 Responses to “Multitasking”

  1. med said

    Multitasking is good and to avoid mixup, what i do is to keep a note nearby to list down what are the list of things being multitasked and note down the progress. I also use my outlook calendar to help me keep track of things going on as well….as one of things i notice with multitasking is that we might forgot something running in the background…quite often as well hehehe 😉

  2. alexalynn said

    Yeah, that’s right. And that’s why they pay you the big bucks med 😉

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