Skin colour an issue?

22 November 2007

My poor friend. The one who has just moved here and staying with me while apartment/house hunting. Despite her effort, trudging from one place to another, looking at various (in my opinion) overpriced box rooms one after another, she had yet to find something that suits and within her budget.

She’s looking for house-sharing, and each time that she expressed an interest, she was told there are numerous others viewing the house and the room, and they will get back to her after conferring with the various housemates in the place. None had call back. I know it’s not easy to find the right place at the right price with the right people, but should it be really this tough?

She’s beginning to think it may be down to her skin colour…

Of an Asian origin, she believes this is working to her disadvantage. I had to concede that this is a likely possibility, because simply not everyone is open to diversity and to people of other cultural background. But at the same time, there are also quite a lot of people looking for the same thing so she could just well lose out to someone whom the people in the house feels they can click better with.

I just don’t like seeing her so disheartened. And I really really hope that people are not judging her by her skin colour. Beyond the skin, she’s such a fun and loving girl, and easy to get along with. She speaks excellent English so there shouldn’t be any communication problem either. Fingers crossed for a place found soon that she’ll be happy with.


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