Graphs and more graphs

20 November 2007

I am tired of graph generation, honestly. I have lost count of the number of graphs that I produced this week for project BHM but on the bright side, this is good progress. My results correlate to another couple of groups in the collaboration, even if they’re using different methods than ours. Hurray!

But of course there are some discrepancies too, which we’re trying to figure if they’re due to different methods applied, or is there error somewhere. I hope it’s the former and not the latter, although that once again just highlights how a same starting set of data can be used independently to get different outcomes. And I used to think science is an exact matter of study.

In any case, a paper is in the work for this project and I’m so pleased that I’m included in the authors’ list. It was hanging for a bit a couple of months ago, when politics got into the way of good science, and some authors wanted a couple of people out. Scary even recalling this.


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