Curried apple and mushroom pasta

18 November 2007

This was a weekend food experiment that went well, despite the simplicity. And very little ingredients required. It can be doubled easily, and reheats pretty well as long as the sauce and the pasta were kept separately and mixed only after reheat. This recipe cooks for two.

  • One medium onion, chopped
  • A bunch of wild mushroom selection
  • One medium apple, chopped
  • 250ml of single cream
  • Medium curry powder
  • Penne pasta, 200g, cook till al dente

In a heated pan, saute onion in a knob of butter till soften. Add the mushroom, season with just a little salt and continue to saute for another minute or two. Add chopped apple, single cream, and season with curry powder to taste. Pour sauce over pasta and top with grated cheese if preferred.

Curried apple rocks!


3 Responses to “Curried apple and mushroom pasta”

  1. San said

    Curry apples??? seriously need to reconsider…

  2. alexalynn said

    You should really try it, because it is oh so yummy. I’m a convert now 😉

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