Online streaming

17 November 2007

Free time to watch television series is something that I don’t have at this point of time. I definitely am not able to be home by certain time to catch the latest episode of particular series, and so I am missing my favourite stress-relieving shows and now stressed over catching them up.

Rather pathetic really.

So I am so glad when a friend recommended online streaming of these shows to me. It is perhaps not the smartest thing to get hooked on right now, but given today is Saturday, and it’s raining cats and dogs out there, there’s no much I can do. Apart from taking advantage of the broadband connection that I have at home and watch the series that I’ve missed. Yay! This, from now on, shall be my favourite rainy day activities, lol.

Heroes, here I come. (I know, as a geneticist, I should sneer at the detail inconsistencies but as a normal audience this show is pretty entertaining.)


2 Responses to “Online streaming”

  1. med said

    woohoo…i am watching heroes too..epi 9 season 2 so far 😉

  2. alexalynn said

    I haven’t even got that far yet… still in Season 1…

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