Simple stew, winter warmth

15 November 2007

Winter has set upon us with a vengeance this week and I am craving comfort food. To have hot dishes at lunch instead of sandwiches on the run, but I don’t like buying too much ready meal either. So I have been cooking quite a lot of stew-y food, in large batches. Good for dinner and can be reheated easily at work.

  • One large onion, chopped
  • A couple of cloves of garlic, minced
  • A couple of peppers/capsicum, chopped
  • A courgette/zucchini, chopped
  • A can of chopped tomatoes
  • A can of chickpea, drained
  • A pint of vegetable stock
  • Curry powder, cumin, caraway, celery seed, whatever spices to your fancy

Heat up a caserrole dish and saute onion and garlic in some butter until soften. Season with spices per preference, and continue to saute. Put the chopped fresh vegetables in, as well as the chopped tomatoes, chickpeas and vegetable stock. Cover and leave to simmer for 15 minutes. Serve with rice, or bread, or couscous.

What I love about this recipe is the flexibility one have in terms of ingredients used. You don’t need to put the vegetables that I mentioned above but substitute them with others such as sweet potato, mushroom, celery, aubergine/eggplant, etc. The spices used, as I mentioned earlier, can be swapped around too but I find this combination to be my favourite.

If you want to make it non-vegetarian, just add chorizo or pepperoni or spicy sausages. They do taste very good with the stew.


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