Best Creation Museum report. Ever.

14 November 2007

When the reports of Creation Museum opening started peppered all over the cyberspace and blogosphere months ago, I couldn’t help but groaned at the amount of (what I perceived as) inconsistent attempts in discrediting evolution and science, while incorporating selective scientific evidence as they see fit.

Maybe they needed those few scientific evidence to make the place into a museum. Otherwise, it’s just a collection of stories?

John Scalzi visited the museum recently, and wrote this report. Scathingly amusing, I couldn’t help but nod to most that Scalzi blogged about. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against religion, but I certainly am not happy with the concept of misleading people with the ideas of creationism.

Better still, take a lot at the accompanying photo tour and judge for yourself.

I chuckled at the descriptions that Scalzi included with the images, and I couldn’t help but wonder then – isn’t mankind such an amazing species? Some people sees things in such black and white manner that they spend millions in attempt to counter what’s tangible based on their believes. Some people (perhaps me?) would rather take in theories and evidences like pieces of puzzles and look for the best way to fit them all together. In between, I don’t know. Onlookers who are entertained by our follies?


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