My sweet granny

12 November 2007

My gramps are the loveliest persons on earth, ever. We can speak openly about lots of stuff, which is cool, considering in my culture, elders are meant to be revered and not for minor daily chit chats.

I received a message from my brother, saying my granny wants to talk to me. Seeing it has been a good couple of weeks since I last rang home, I gave her a quick buzz.

Turned out, she had a dream of me being chased, possibly in danger. So she just wanted to make sure that I’m alright, and to advise me to be more vigilant should I ever work late and therefore go home late. Along with the usual to take care of myself and not neglecting to eat regularly.

She is looking forward to see me during my holiday in 3 months’ time too.

I miss her, and granddad. Lots.


2 Responses to “My sweet granny”

  1. med said

    aawwwwww..that’s just sooooo sweet (^o^)

  2. alexalynn said

    Not sure if this is purely coincidental but last night I dreamt someone trying to kill me… hmm… 🙄

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