Temporary sharing

11 November 2007

My friend NS had just arrived from Canada to start her new Ph.D. position here. Yay! As much as I grumbled and groaned over the hardwork that a Ph.D. could bring, there are a lot of good in it still. Thus she gets lots of encouragement from me to commit to this 4-years programme, as long as this is what she wants.

For the time being, until she finds a place of her own, she’s staying with me. It’s great for catching up with news and gossips, but it also reminds me not to take my personal freedom and privacy for granted. I’m sharing not only my time with her, but also my room, my house, etc.

I guess it’ll take me a few days to get used to tip-toeing in the morning in my own room, not listening to the morning radio as I get ready for work, not hogging the whole king-size bed to myself, and planning ahead with regards to meal time and what to get when I go for grocery shopping.

On the other hand, it’s good too that I’m getting a whole 8-hours sleep (if not more) since I don’t stay up late to do reading etc anymore. Goodbye Panda eyes!


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