Headlines in the news

7 November 2007

We’ve all heard of biofuels, on how it is supposed to be green and sustainable, and some (read: the people who will profit from the sales of biofuels) raved over its importance in substituting the depleting natural oil resources. However, do you know that biofuels production is causing starvation in third world country?

Another sad tale of killer going rampant in school with gun, this time in Finland. He sees himself as a “social Darwinist”, and vowed to take the unworthy out of the population pool. Clearly a premeditated attack, the gunman had posted a video on YouTube under the username Sturmgeist89 entitled “Jokela High School Massacre”. *sigh*

In a world where news nowadays seem to focus more on doom and gloom, I am delighted to read about the successful surgery in India that separated a 2 years-old from her attached partial twin. This means Lakshmi no longer lives under the rare condition of isciopagus, where she had eight limbs – four arms and four legs. Hurrah to medical advancement and the kind team of doctors who perform the surgery ex gratia.

And who says romance is dead? Patrick Moberg launched a website in search of his dream girl whom he admired in the subway but was too shy to approach her. It’s not a site of high tech graphics and flashy icons and running aplets, but of a hand-drawn little flyer. What is sweet is he had found her and they’ve been put in touch by a friend of the girl. Understandably, he said he will not be updating the website (IT IS a private romance story despite the use of cyberspace search) so I wish them best of luck and may love blooms between Patrick and his dream girl.

Last but not least, attention to all mothers (and mothers to be) – breastfeeding is good for your child’s IQ, but it will be better is your child had also inherited “C” allele of FADS2 gene. The scientists involved think perhaps one could swap the idea of “nature vs nurture” to “nature via nurture”, at least where intelligence is concerned.


2 Responses to “Headlines in the news”

  1. med said

    Yea, i read about the girl in India news too..glad that she is doing well from the last article i read over the weekend šŸ˜‰

  2. alexalynn said

    Yup, that’s right.

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