Fortnight look back

5 November 2007

I guess this is when you really get to see how slow research can get, even in the day and age of supercomputing and all. Well, I don’t have a superbrain to go with the supercomputing facilities, so I guess I am the limiting factor.

I hardly get much work done at all with project HCM, much to my chagrin. By this stage, this project had also been dragging on for a while that I’m losing my motivation to push this forward. Someone please please tell me how can I move on with this!

On the other hand, project BHM reanalysis is nearly done, on top of some new ones. So I am happy on this end. A manuscript is in the working for this one already, thus there is every incentive to try to complete this as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next few hours I will have the preliminary results ready for discussion with my supervisor tomorrow.

Then I need to sit down and consider my task list for this week. What to prioritise, and time plan them accordingly. I am not looking forward to this week’s list at all, and the nagging headache since last week hasn’t quite gone away, thus I’m bracing myself for yet another tought week.


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