Paying to publish

4 November 2007

In Science, we are constantly told, publish or perish.

In Science, we also need to keep up with journal publications regularly in order to be au fait with what’s current and what’s hot in our field of research. Normally, most journals can be accessed for free through our institutional subscription but occasionally, embargoes on latest journals mean we either contact the authors directly for the article or we pay to bypass the embargo for a copy.

In Science, we also pay when our paper has been accepted for publication. Yes, we would have been biting our nails and all waiting for the review to come back, and once accepted we still have to fork out money to actually make it to the final stage.

These are the current rates charges by several main biology journals**:

  • J Cell Biol charges $0.06/ character, no extra for color, $250 for supplemental material. (Estimated 35,000 characters = $2100.)

  • PNAS charges $70/page, $325/color table/figure, $250 supplemental material, extra $800 for open-access.

  • J Biol Chem charges $60 submission fee, $75/page, $300/color figure, $25/half-tone.

  • EMBO J charges $200/page over 6, and a scaled charge for color figures starting at $520 for the first three and dropping to $260 if there are 3 more. Open access fee is $2000.

  • Immunity charges $1000/first color figure and $250/figure after that. Cell looks to be similar.

  • Mol Biol Cell is changing as of Jan 2008 to a flat rate of $126/page.

No rates found readily for Science and Nature, and as for PLoS, they’re open access to everyone at all time, so doesn’t quite fall into the category of paying for subscription AND for publication.

(** thanks to a fellow phorummer who actually obtained these rates)


3 Responses to “Paying to publish”

  1. med said

    wow..i didnt know that you have to pay for the publication once your paper has been accepted..thats like paying for ‘advertisement’ service eh 😉

  2. San said

    I thought the author earns extra pocket money from publishing!

  3. alexalynn said

    Yup Med, that’s how it’s like! In fact, sometimes some journals do say something about charges frayed and advertisement blah blah (can’t remember exactly)

    San, not in Science. You want more exposure, you want more people to cite you, then you must try to make it as available to everyone as possible (hence why there’s extra charge for making the article open access).

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