Thinking games

3 November 2007

When you have a little free time, what sort of games do you play?

I believe most people would have heard of Facebook and of the various applications available for facebookers to enjoy. I don’t tend to accept all invitations that I get from my friends but of those that I did add, I noted the following pattern. (I probably should be more cautious about adding applications, given my “acceptance” to terms of use means the developers have access to my details.)

When I first started exploring Facebook, I only add applications that at least a few of my friends had also addedd. Safety in number? Quite a false sense of security more like it. In the early days, my added applicatios include hatch-an-egg, grow-a-gift and the various “gifting” applications. And superpoke. Of course superpoke.

I was never tempted to turn into a zombie/ vampire/ ninja/ pirate etc. I had friends who bemoaned my refusal to add these applications, because it meant they’re not getting points from “infecting” another facebooker.

Since getting more familiar with the site, I’ve began to remove the bulk of the earlier applications away. Instead, I now have applications called Scrabulous and SmarterMind, which are essentially online games that requires a little more thoughts than simply click and bite/ infect/ send. I like that these games make me think a little, for fun. I normally already play crosswords and sudoku online.

Such is the nerd within me I guess. *grin*


4 Responses to “Thinking games”

  1. Alkemist said

    Aah yes…Facebook.

    I’ve avoided many an application but the requests keep coming. Such is life I suppose. 🙂

  2. med said

    i still have not succumbed to the draw of Facebook yet hehehe 😉

  3. San said

    Not a big facebook fan myself.Only logged in once a week i think 😛

  4. alexalynn said

    Alkemist, I know what you mean, and it’s not always easy to reject them all 😉

    Med, come on, come and Facebook with us!

    San, maybe I should lure you into more addictive applications, but as you have work-related people on it, I try not to…

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