Such an ugly word

2 November 2007

Rape is such an ugly word. To have the word put right next to culture? Welcome to South Africa apparently. And it’s definitely high time to tackle this soul-killing and barbaric act.

It is not right to read that the men simply disregarded the women’s unwillingness to couple with them. They just get, well, “clapped”. What’s even harder to read is that this is the “norm”. How can this be the norm? How can it be the norm to inflict pain on others in search of pleasure? How can these men not hear the anguish that they’re causing another human being?

Don’t even get me started on the idiocy of men who believe virgins to be the cure to AIDS. Children of younger and younger age are being raped, and many left to fight for their lives following the trauma and injuries.

More staggering statistics. One woman is being raped every 30 seconds or so. Thus by the time you finish reading this blog entry, a couple of women’s lives would have been marred by this ugly side of mankind.

Horrendously, one in two victims knows her perpetrator. Family, friends, neighbours? People whom one should be able to count on to trust and to provide support through difficult times. But it is not quite that straightforward, is it?

I am proud of the women who speak out and fight for their rights to not be violated. I am proud of the women who bravely bring charges against the scums of the society in order to protect others from suffering the same fate. I am proud of the women who refuse to suffer in silent and break away from this vicious cycle.

Now, if only the law can go that extra mile to see that justice is brought forward…


4 Responses to “Such an ugly word”

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  2. med said

    wow….One woman is being raped every 30 seconds or so…that is a very very disheartening statistics indeed 😦

  3. alexalynn said

    Yes, and that’s in South Africa alone… 😦

  4. med said

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 my

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