New wave of motivation

1 November 2007

Last evening, I did go out to the dinner as planned. I was feeling better after talking to my SO (more of him in a bit) and in turning up as promised, I had a feast even if I didn’t eat my normal lion of share of food since I had to go easy on my pearly whites.

You know, I am perhaps a tad presumptious in calling my SO as my SO. He is significant to me but our status is still sort of in a limbo – we’ve been embroiled in an on-off relationship as we live in two different cities. Ah the same woes that many of us graduate research students have… We are together because we care too much to let go, but we are not together because we cannot see a solution to our problem.

Nonetheless, physically here or not, he is always present in my life.

Knowing I was feeling under pressure and upset over the lack of noticeable progress in my work of late, he patiently listened to my ranting over the chat, and wrote back reassuringly of his confidence in my ability. There were teasing lilts at times, of which I can imagine, had he been sitting next to me at that point, he was trying to make me smile again. With his mischievious grin, staring back at me, possibly offering me a square of chocolate at the same time.

What mattered most to me was him taking the time to help me see through my worries, one point at a time. I don’t go to him often with work-related issues, as he is not in science and has little knowledge of what I do. Even he admitted as much. But he is still willing to listen and try his best to be the steady anchor that I need.

So armed with a spark of motivation, I had a quick chat with my supervisor about a realistic timescale for me to finish up my work. He also wouldn’t mind me writing up away from the lab at the end should I complete all analytical work within reasonable time frame. This is good, because this means I could potentially move away to where my SO is for a couple of months. Of course I understand this could be terribly distracting, yet at the same time this could be best for me to get going as I find myself in emotional equilibrium.

Quite a hit or miss kind of idea, isn’t it?

Still, this gives me the zest to push things forward a bit more, just so I can steal some time in the near future to spend it close to him. Silly reasoning, but it works, so I’ll use it for now. Whatever keeps me happy, lol.


2 Responses to “New wave of motivation”

  1. med said

    woohooo 😉

  2. alexalynn said

    Yeap, woohoo! 😀

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