Halloween blue

31 October 2007

Right, remember the periods of ups and downs that I mentioned before? Well, it’s definitely on the down for the time being. And I need to find a way to pull myself together and get things going. It doesn’t help that I’m not feeling 100% either. Not stress-induced illness, but more from my periondontic treatment.

I’ve been looking at getting braces to straighten up my teeth (yeah, at my age) since I have the problem of “excessive overcrowding” according to my dentists. First up we need to ensure that my gum is in top condition before the next step. So I am subject to periodontic treatments and it’s making me miserable. My gum feel sore and I am in no mood to eat much (I also had to be careful not to eat anything too cold or too hot for a couple of days following treatment) so all these add up in wrapping me up with gloom.

I came back from a session yesterday, still dosed up with anaesthetic, and I couldn’t even feel my tongue, eeek!

So much for Halloween and the glee of eating lots of candies, chocolates and glazed apples. I am even in no mood to go out, and I’m supposed to attend a dinner party tonight. Well, will see how I feel in a bit but should things not improve, I believe it’s best that I skip it. No point being a grouchy bear all evening, right?


5 Responses to “Halloween blue”

  1. San said

    Definitely…if you’re going to sulk, better do it alone at home or with EXTREMELY safe company 😀

    Get back working on the thesis leh, siu cheh!

  2. med said

    gotto agree with san again 😉

    Happy halloween btw!!!

  3. alexalynn said

    San, nope, I didn’t sulk in the end, and yes m’am, will continue working on the thesis!

    Med, got lots of candies? 😉

  4. med said

    not for me hehehe

    have a great weekend ya!!!

  5. alexalynn said

    You too, have a great weekend ahead!

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