Are these for real?

29 October 2007

Scene 1 : Hotel lobby where I was staying during post-conference holiday. A family was chatting away at their room door while waiting for someone to get ready and go out together. The daughter was discussing the merit of different boob size that she’s thinking of getting with her father. Rather loudly. Whoaaa… must be a really open-minded family, especially considering the girl doesn’t look a day over 16. It was not even about considering getting a boob job or not. It was about size selection for the one that she is getting. *gulp*

Scene 2 : Main shopping street. A mother with a daughter and a son. The daughter looks about 14 and the son a year or two younger. They were chatting away happily, so that’s good right? Except the young girl was puffing away with cigarette. What happened to minding your own kids health and no smoking for the underage? Can you consider mum offending the law when she passed on a cigarette to a minor? Or worse, did she buy them for her??!

I don’t think I understand family dynamics of modern day anymore. I know it’s good to let your kids have their freedom and to allow them to learn about facts of life, but shouldn’t there be a line drawn somewhere so that things don’t go towards the other extreme? What about the whole “moderation is key” concept?

It is not cool to let your kids believe that their bodies need surgical enhancement! It is not cool to let your kids get lung cancer (plus other complications) before they hit 40! It is not cool being parents when I don’t think you’re fit for the job.

So. Not. Cool.


3 Responses to “Are these for real?”

  1. med said

    wow..u really gotto see it to believe it eh 😉

  2. San said

    and that’s why I’m so worried about raising my own kids in the West.

  3. alexalynn said

    Med, definitely! Shocking, isn’t it?

    San, I’ve seen plenty of Western kids that turn out stellar, but it is hard, to try to merge our Asian values and Western freedom together, sometimes.

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