Selection by human

28 October 2007

The whole debacle involving Watson, right from the time he made his comment to his subsequent retirement, had now brought on another interesting discussion. That of eugenics.

To be frank, I find the idea of eugenics totally unethical and barbaric. Who are we to say that we’re better genetically than others? What right do we have in establishing superiority based on some flawed sense of importance?

Is it because we live in the right part of the world? Because we attend the right university? Because our skin colour is the right one? Because our bank balance is reasonably healthy? Because we know the right people whom others perceived as good enough? Because our ego weighs a whole ton more than the others?

How superficial all these criteria are! Human as a race is subject to mutations, and there simply isn’t a single perfect specimen that is walking the earth right now. Show me that one person who is not flawed if you possibly could, and I would tell you right away that he/she has several defects somewhere within his/her billions of DNA base pairs. It wouldn’t even be difficult to find them given the advances in technology nowadays.

Why can’t people be more charitable towards one another?


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