Separating emotions and work

27 October 2007

I admit it, I am an emotional sort of person. And controlling. I am a little perfectionist controlling freak. One thing that I have difficulty controlling is my emotions running interference with my work.

How does one compartmentalise the two with relative ease?

Especially when it’s negative emotions that we’re talking of. Everytime someone close to me is hurting, my concentration fall. Everytime someone whom I care for is upset, I’d be grieving too. Everytime there is something on my mind, I’d be distracted and prone to error-making. The ony way I could deal with it is to block everything off.

But I hate that doing that. It means I don’t deal with with my emotions. All I do is walking around, a smile paste on my face but inside I feel, well, numb. Escaping. Not dealing. Like a zombie.

All I can say for now, until I find a way better to cope with this, is that I am grateful that I am not placed under such situation all that often. Otherwise, I am going to crack. I do wonder sometimes if this is part of the sign that I am just not practical minded enough to be a good scientist?


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