Hang on in there

18 October 2007

A few words of wisdom from a friend of mine:

Doing a Ph.D., and getting it, is not about how much you know nor how much you can learn. Like a long marathon race, it’s about perseverance and determination – never stop trying and never lose the courage to continue.

There were certainly times when I had wanted to give up. When nothing seems to be running smoothly. When the results after months of hard work was naught. When everything just send my confidence crashing down once, twice, and a hundred times more.

But I refuse to. I have come this far and I am determine to see this through. Through failures I learnt my lessons. Through disappointments I learnt to better my techniques. Through rejections I learnt to improve my skills.


4 Responses to “Hang on in there”

  1. hank said

    A marathon race; that’s how I felt when I did my Masters. The last mile was the most challenging.

    All you need is a little cheering on. Go! Alexa! Go!

  2. med said

    You got that right!

    GANBATTE!!!! 😉

  3. San said

    U have what it takes to finish the race, girl! Don’t throw it all away….

    Hopefully after ur little French rendezvous, you’d come back extra motivated! 🙂

  4. alexalynn said

    Thank you Hank! Are you doing your PhD now? If so, best of luck to you too!!

    med, arigato!

    San, oh my little French rendezvous, I don’t want to come back!

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