The 10 Hottest Nerds

17 October 2007

And no, we’re not talking about how they look.

According to an article in Newsweek, these 10 men are the Einsteins of the 21st century. They may not have the characteristic blown away hair like Einstein, but I assure you they are equally as much a genius as the former, leading the research frontiers and bringing breakthrough works time and time again.


Eric Lander Eric Lander

Leroy Hood Leroy Hood

Craig Venter Craig Venter

David Botstein David Botstein

Svante Paabo Svante Paabo

Phillip Sharp Phillip Sharp

Rudolph Jaenisch Rudolph Jaenisch

Kari Stefansson Kari Stefansson

George Church George Church

Jay Keasling Jay Keasling


It is hard to imagine the landscape of genome research right now without the works of these biologists, so they deserve a very big round of applause.

Well, without them, I could be without a PhD studentship right now. I could well be restricted to conducting research on gene to gene basis, and not by comparative genomics study. I would not have gene orthology information. I would be slogging away one gene knockout at a time in order to elucidate functions of particular protein/gene. What a sobering thought.

Ps: an afterthought – the lack of “female nerds” on this list – is there no female worthy of inclusion in this list?

[Photos from Google searches]


2 Responses to “The 10 Hottest Nerds”

  1. hank said

    Hey! I’m working with Craig Venter. Didn’t know he’s on the Top 10.
    I hope I’m on the 11th position. Hah!

  2. Alexa Lynn said

    Wow, that’s very cool Hank! You could well be on your way to 11th 🙂

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