Where is the honour?

15 October 2007

It’s part of my morning habit to read the news online while having my breakfast, and I can only shake my head when I read about women’s fear over honour killing. It is sad and unbelievable that at this day and age, men, who have accepted all sort of technological advances and claimed to live in civilised manner, would still practice this.

Where is the honour in killing your own flesh and blood relatives?

Where is the honour of depriving a loved one of her happiness?

Where is the honour in breaking a family down due to death?

Where is the honour of evoking fear amidst death threat?

Where is the honour when one fails to protect his own family?

What further puzzled me is, why are women the victims of honour killing? Can a man not dishonour his family? How did they get away with it, and get a second chance – the second chance that is usually not granted as an option for women?

It is high time such an action be put to a stop. These women have the rights to live like everyone else. I understand that culture plays a major role in different ethnic/ religious groups in a wide geographical distribution, but culture shouldn’t be used as an excuse for murders.


5 Responses to “Where is the honour?”

  1. Thanks for bringing attention to so-called ‘honour’ killing. I’d like to point out that you can support Syrian women in their campaign for legal change by supporting the Nesasy. Details here.

  2. *the petition started by Nesasy. Sorry :”>

  3. hank said

    My goodness. Such things still happen in the 21st century??

  4. ERS said

    I’ll try to answer some of your questions.

    In some cultures, it is believed a family’s honor resides in its females. That is why they take the brunt of it when things go wrong. The men who do the killing believe they must kill the “offender” in order to restore family honor. (I’m not saying I agree with this thinking. Au contraire.)

    I agree with you totally that these need to be put to a stop and that culture is no excuse to look the other way on murders. Some of the countries where these crimes occur–Jordan among them–have signed international agreements and conventions with the global community expressly supporting basic human rights. Jordan, for example, is in violation of at least 17 of them. I think it is high time the international community enforce these legally binding documents.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  5. Alexa Lynn said

    Joanne, thank you for directing me to the site.

    Hank, unfortunately, yes.

    Ellen, thank you for your answers. That makes more sense now to me, and I will check out your book too for further understanding.

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