Task List : Week 4

14 October 2007

Last week had been pretty realistic and on target in terms of productivity. I nearly finished up everything that I set out to do, much to my delight. If only every week is like this… *beaming with pride*

So this week, trying to target them well and realistic too:

  • Decipher the results from project HCM
  • Write note on methods and analysis for project HCM
  • Re-analyse project BHM (all thanks to the new information release)
  • Identify and organise all papers relevant to project HCM

This week is technically a short week for me, as I’m taking a few days break to recharge my battery. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean I won’t try to get as much done as possible. I may even take reading papers with me, that I can read while waiting for/ during flight time etc.

Or perhaps not. Afterall, a break should be a break. Clear my mind and who knows, maybe by taking a step back, I may be able to see the next three steps forward?


2 Responses to “Task List : Week 4”

  1. San said

    I always bring reading material when I travel….BUT they always stay in the bag while I chill away on my Ipod.

  2. Alexa Lynn said

    I tend to bring more novels rather than work reading if I am to be hoenst. Reading those while listening to my iPod Nano đŸ˜€

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